At Mother's Haven, we're passionate about babies.

We understand the dilemma that many new mothers face. With families living farther apart in today's modern world, new parents increasingly find themselves without tangible day-to-day support in raising their children.

Mother's Haven was created in 2001 to offer mothers a sense of community. A routine bra fitting or lesson in the use of a baby sling may evolve into an informal lactation consultation. Mother's Haven offers Mom's Support Groups, a Breastfeeding Support Group, and Infant First Aid and CPR Classes.

You'll find information, exciting new products, community resources, the company of other parents, and a world of support for this precious time in your family's life.

You'll find hundreds of fabulous products at our retail store, so DON'T HESITATE TO CALL at 208-676-1300 OR EMAIL US if you are looking for something and you don't see it on our site.

Maternity/Baby Store Service Area

Mother's Haven provides products and services for the Inland Northwest, including: